zoobarstage_blogLocal Drummer to be Third Individual ever to Take Dump In Men’s Room at the Legendary Zoo Bar.

Things got out of control Friday afternoon as twelve piece blues ensemble “The Jetfighter” took a quick five in between tired BB King covers when drummer Bill Kenvis retired to the bathroom to have a bowel movement.

“I’ve been going to these FAC events for years,” local blues fan Joel Zinnaker shrugged. “The space between the stage and the men’s room is tight, so you usually lean on the wall next to the door and in 90 seconds or so, it is your turn to pee.”

Chaos ensued when suddenly there were over four men that needed to relieve themselves.

“Before I knew it there was a clusterfuck of concertgoers, one even had to sit up on the stage due to lack of room. He knocked over Carl from the Jetfighter’s tenor sax… ah it was just a mess.” stated bartender Otto Meza.

Kenvis has not released a statement but the Blues outfit is in hopes this unique factoid carries what the band needs to stand out in an otherwise oversaturated Friday afternoon Blues scene.

All of us at SmellNebraska would like to honor the first ever Zoo-Pooper, Rodney Spider. May he rest in peace and always be number one (and number two.)