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Smell Nebraska to Host “Grey’s Anatomy Marathon Lock-In”

Lincoln NE (SN) – Smell Nebraska is adored by thousands of incredible human beings, and amidst the chaos that is COVID-19, we are dedicated to doing our part to pay it forward to every one of you.

Are you a fan of Grey’s Anatomy? If you are, stop. what. you. are. doing. Today is your lucky day! Hop in your car and drive down to Gateway Mall. Our journalism team has unlocked the door adjacent to Yonkers. (Is Yonkers closed forever? We can’t remember.)

Near whatever the fuck is there anymore, we have set up a projector and some lovely bean bags for you, and yes. Grey’s for days. You can even stand up and reenact your favorite moments from the series with other Grey’s fans. There is a giant community fruit punch bowl, and oversized bowl of pretzels. Snack your hearts out, Lincolnites. You work too damn hard.

We can fit about 200 attendees in the sanctioned off area if everyone can avoid man-spreading. This is about bringing our community together, and overcoming this virus. After 24 hours of tears, laughter, and anatomy, everyone can go their separate ways and return to social distancing.

Post your favorite Grey’s lock-in moments to @smellnebraska. These are scary times, hug each other as you do to lift our spirits. ❤ 


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