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Men’s Room Sink at Duffy’s Tavern Used for the First Time

Lincoln NE (SN) – Reports started to pour in Friday morning that the sink in the men’s room at Duffy’s Tavern started to function as normally intended.

The sink, located on 1412 O Street, had apparently never been turned to the “on” position until that moment, leaving bar staff and patrons baffled.

“I didn’t even think the water line was connected, to be honest,” said one bartender. “I’ve picked up an occasional pint glass out of there over the years but that has been my only interaction with that sink.”

With Caronavirus disease (COVID-19) precautions amping up all over the star city, the long line to the gentlemen’s restroom is reportedly growing in lengths not seen for decades.

“Gah. Washing your hands after pissing is such a nuisance,” said one drinker. “There isn’t a place to put my Hamm’s so I just kind of pass it back and forth in between each hand as I develop a lather. Who knew drinking downtown was such a chore. Everyone is being so sensitive.”

Smell Nebraska reporters encourage everyone to touch their noses every time they think about us during this pandemic. Please tag us on all of your nose-touching-bathroom-selfies. @smellnebraska

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