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108 “MEH” Bands and 7 Actual Bands Storm Star City

Lincoln NE (SN) – The Lincoln Exposed music festival rocked out it’s 15th year over the last week, leaving stunned local music fans asking, “Wait what time is that one actually good band playing? And at what bar?”

“Lincoln. Is. A. Music. City” shouted one attendee. “Do you guys wanna go to Sandy’s until Freakabout is on? I really want to have some of that Elk Creek water stuff.”

Smell Nebraska reporters sat down with Martin Dumlich, vocalist of “Gentleman Scholar” who performed at like 5pm at Bodegas one of the nights.

“I was humbled and shocked when they asked us to play the festival” Dumlich noted. “I mean we’ve mostly just done our weird bongo drum circle thing at LGBTQ pride events outside of the capitol until we got cancelled for being four cis white males with dreadlocks. Our [project] didn’t even have a name! To be a part of something so legendary in the city I love in an empty bar at 5pm in broad daylight was truly an honor. Lincoln is a music city!”

Lincoln Exposed has a dedicated history of splitting all of the earnings evenly among the artists, as it should be, and the 15th anniversary show was no exception.

“$80 is the most money I’ve ever gotten for performing” Martin gushed. “I mean it is the only money I’ve ever gotten for performing. I did my part, though. I invited a few co-workers from Nelnet. …they didn’t show but I invited them to the event on Facebook. I wonder how turnout was for everyone else! I went home right after my gig and never returned so I wouldn’t know.”

Sandy’s, O’Rourke’s Tavern, and the Copper Kettle reported record profits over the weekend. Gentleman Scholar released “Stay Woke, Folk” in 2019.

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