Frost Advisory, Immigration

Conservative Lincolnites Finally Agree; Fuck I.C.E.

Lincoln NE (SN) – Heavy blizzard conditions swept the Star City over the weekend, bringing intense cold temperatures, and rendering hundreds of frozen roads unsafe to navigate. Perhaps even more extreme was the shifting of right wing Lincolnites’ opinions regarding the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Federal Agency; as a sea of “Abolish I.C.E.” posts started popping up all over social media.

“Enough is enough, if my Ford F-150 can’t navigate these roads, the city is obviously dragging their ass clearing the streets! #AbolishICE” Tweeted one Highlands resident.

While several others added one of those “Abolish I.C.E.” graphics over their profile picture, the general consensus is that a majority of these individuals have absolutely no fucking clue what is actually going on.

“You know these Libs, they are dead wrong about global warming… I mean look outside!” posted another Lincolnite. “But damn, they were right about this whole I.C.E. thing. They said “But Jim, who is going to work these jobs after I.C.E. swoops in?” My god they were right, I’m not gonna commute to any job in this weather.”

It certainly is Winter in Nebraska, be sure to use the hashtag #FuckICE on all of your social media platforms today.

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