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Nebraska Bernie Bros & Warren Weenies Talk Shit on Social Media

Omaha NE (SN) – With the 2020 Iowa Caucuses less than three weeks away, Iowa Dems are scrambling to settle on their pick for Democratic Presidential Candidate, yet it seems the real action this week is taking place in neighboring Nebraska, where whiny white males are taking their POTUS commitments to social media, and calling everyone that doesn’t support their candidate a rapist.

“Oh so you support Bernie Sanders? Tell me all about how if he doesn’t let Elizabeth Warren become the first female president he is a toxic reminder of the deep rooted masculine influence on American government and he is also a child molester..” Wonka meme’d one Facebook user from Omaha.

The root of the mud slinging seems to be focused on both candidates senior Senator Elizabeth Warren and 2016 hopeful Bernie Sanders, who after working together in the United States Senate on countless progressive bills are literal wet dreams for any Democratic voter that has been watching the sitting President try to pretend he’s ever used a dishwasher in his fucking life.

“Oh Pocahontas? Are you kidding me? She supports war or something. I’m voting for my boy Bernie. His memes are AF as swag and he is the only person besides me that isn’t racist!” Tweeted a Warren backer from Wahoo.

Nebraskan Trump supporters have been surprisingly silent during the exchanges, occasionally sharing that Emperor Palpatine “Good… Good… Let the butt-hurt flow through you…” meme in an ambiguous manner.

“I mean honestly… We HAVE been really busy,” one MAGA guy told reporters. “We had one of our boys successfully swastika a Jewish Temple in Lincoln this week… Plus like, look at these snowtards! They are literally handing our boy Donald all of the ammo he needs to repeat to defeat any of these guys in 2020, and people say the DemocRATS are the “more intellectual” ones!”

Gear up, my dudes. November is literally 291 days away.

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