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Tumbleweed Family Excited to Blow Around the Empty Railyard

Lincoln NE (SN) – A family of four tumbleweeds were discovered blowing around in the uninhabited Railyard development Tuesday morning, even making their way to the vacant third floor, where the Rule G Night Club recently closed forever.

The rapey frat bar was one of few remaining tenants dating from the development project’s grand opening in the fall of 2013. Unfortunately the rent agreements in the space have forced out virtually every business along Canopy street, leaving nothing but ideal living conditions for tumbleweeds from around the country.

“My wife Helen and I blew down to the Midwest a few months ago from Idaho, and I gotta say, the ghost town we found west of Lincoln’s Haymarket was just too appealing to leave,” said Mark, the leader of the Tumbleweeds.

It was unclear if remaining Railyard sports bars Longwells or Gate 25 have any policies about keeping the Tumbleweeds out of their spaces at this time.

“I mean they aren’t really bothering anyone,” says Brad McKinnon, owner of Gate 25. “By that I mean no one goes to the Railyard. I’ll be surprised if we make it to March.”

More room for the Tumbleweed family to flourish, of course.

“We’ve called a few of our close family friends and invited them to Lincoln,” said Mark, the leader of the Tumbleweeds. “I have a close buddy with a third little tumbleweed on the way that is moving here as soon as BurgerFi goes out of business.”

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