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Lincoln Parent to Take First Day of LPS Off of Work, Only Human to Ever Work Job and Raise Child at the Same Time Deserves a Break

Lincoln NE (SN) – Lincoln Public Schools are kicking off their school year Monday, and with children pointing their heads deep into their schoolwork and their parents adding sack lunches and morning drop-offs to their daily grind, one mother deserves a “me day.”

“I’ve been dealing with my Jonathan all summer” said Lincoln mother Brenda Gagnon. “He is quite the handful. I mean I love him but he is so hyper all the time! The first day of school is all about me.”

Gagnon continued to explain her itinerary to Smell Nebraska reporters who are already skipping classes at Lincoln High School.

“I’ve refrained from watching the new season of “Queer Eye” on Netflix. I will binge watch the entire series from my bathtub” she said. “I’m forgetting to mention the seventeen White Claw spiked seltzers I picked up at Target. Don’t worry, Jonathan’s dad will be taking him home from school. Being a parent is hard work. No one in the world understands that but me.”

Brenda dropped her iPhone X in the tub after Snapchatting this photo to her girlfriends who were at work.

A mental health day, followed by business as usual.

“I’ll be back to the office Tuesday energized and ready to change the world” Brenda beamed. “In the office I am a real go-getter. I get things done. I’m kind of a superhero to my children AND my colleagues.”

Brenda’s boss at Nelnet thought otherwise.

“She’s a terrible employee” he said. “Did she remember to mention that she also took last week off entirely to “spend quality time with her son who she is going to miss so much when he goes back to school?” She doesn’t like working. It’s that simple.”

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