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Ricketts Scrambles to Pick up Clearly Labeled Vial of Death Penalty Drugs After It Falls from His Pocket During Speech

Hastings Nebraska (SN) – A simple appearance and a short speech for a pro-life rally at St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church went sideways Thursday night after a clearly labeled vial of death penalty drugs fell from Governor Pete Rickett’s suit jacket during a speech.

The vial, labeled “Daddy’s Lethal Injection Cocktail!” which proceeded to bounce off of an altar into the first row of church pews, reportedly fell out of the Governor’s pocket as he pulled some talking points titled “Abortion is murder, murder is a sin.”

“That bottle incident back there sure was a little “blooper” for sure” chuckled a member of the congregation. “My autistic son Marcus jumped for that thing so fast thinking it was a drink! Thank god above I was able to get to it before him. Marcus just loves his pop. Pete Ricketts is just an incredible man, by the way. God bless him.”

Rickett’s security force have rumored to have enacted new safety protocols that involve emptying the Governor’s pockets of any unnecessary items before future speeches or appearances.

“As unbelievable as it may seem, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened,” said head of security detail Randy Hopkins. “Pete visited a classroom of children at Prescott Elementary in Lincoln last Spring to address the need for budget cuts in the department of education. After meeting the parents and teachers, two or three thousand dollars cash fell out of his suit while he was showing off on the monkey bars. Pete Ricketts is just an incredible man, by the way. God bless him.”

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