gentrification, poor people

Pastor Deems Every Neighborhood North of Van Dorn “Breeding Ground for Problems”

Lincoln NE (SN) – With buildings up to 147 years old in the neighborhoods spanning South street all the way to Superior, it is no surprise that parts of the region would be reserved for middle and low income housing. Jeff Heerspink, pastor of the F Street Neighborhood Church, has come forward with a solution for the everyday issues that accompany hosting thousands of lower-income people in a tiny community.

“We should tear all of these areas down,” Heerspink said. “I get really, really, bummed out having to look at poor people all the time. Let’s just get rid of all of it.”

The pastor continued by explaining that all of these poor people places are magnets for criminal mischief and police reports.

“You take these underpaid and often ignored individuals in the community and tell them to just figure it out, get a job at Burger King, you’ll find a way to get by with $11 an hour,” he said. “What do a fraction of them do? They start robbing each other, selling drugs, or becoming prostitutes so they can make more money than Burger King is willing to pay. I’ve never had to do anything like that to make my living. I’m a pastor who doesn’t pay taxes and I’m perfectly comfortable.”

Not far from Heerspink’s neighborhood church, The Commons LNK was attempting to bring a positive DIY environment, complete with a safe meeting space, art, and community.

“Tear it all down,” Heerspink added. “Those septum pierced kids skeeved me out. My church stays though, I mean it’s a church! Just keep all homeless people far from it for Christ’s sake.”

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