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The Old Mattress Factory Charges a $20 Cover at the Eppley Airfield Gate

Omaha NE (SN) – Expecting a huge turnout for the College World Series, The Old Mattress Factory has set up a cover charge at the Omaha Airport for every person attending the College World Series.

“New Cover Policy: If you are attending the College World series there is a $20 cover to enter Omaha.” says Old Mattress Factory spokesman Matt Matthews. “We just figured we’d make it easier and instead of waiting for them to come down to baseball village, we would just charge the cover right when they walk off the plane. Your wrist band is good to enter the city but if you decide to leave Omaha and come back you will have to pay the cover again. That’s just the way it is.”

According to The Old Mattress factory, having the best location near the stadium wasn’t enough and they felt they needed to branch out to Eppley Airport. “The College World Series is about baseball, tradition, and getting at least $20 from every single person who flies into Omaha,” says Matthews. “We got the DJ from Vanderpump Rules, who isn’t cheap, and he can’t DJ for more than 2 hours so we had to get another DJ to open for him. So we have to pay 2 DJs that night. We wanted the DJ from Jersey Shore but he couldn’t make it due to an especially raging case of chlamydia. We are just doing what we can to get by here. We have to pay the bills somehow. We only have customers 2 weeks a year.”

“We hope the fans have a great experience and forget about Rosenblatt and how you could have a fun time without paying 2 weeks salary to hang out in a tent. Welcome to Omaha!”

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