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Loving Wife to Treat Dad to “Perfect Father’s Day Dinner” at Pizza Ranch

Lincoln NE (SN) – With Father’s Day just days away, spouses and families everywhere are putting their thinking caps on and asking, “How do I give dad the best Father’s day ever?”

37 year old mother of three Karen Putnam claims to have “cracked the code” regarding the Sunday she has in store for her husband Randy.

“I know Randy better than I know myself.” Karen told reporters.

She went on to tell reporters the full itinerary of Randy’s big day.

“The kids and I will be waking him up at 8 AM to present him with a card that I purchased at Target with my Target credit card.” Karen smiled. “He is a big fan of a giant breakfast at Village Inn, so I did one better. I bought eggs, bacon, pancake mix, and other essential ingredients before hand! A breakfast meal of his liking for the entire family! I’ve never been much of a cook so he will have to do the cooking but I think it is such an interactive idea!”

After an extravagant awakening, Mrs. Putnam described working some fun stops into their routine obligations.

“I have to return every item I bought at Kohl’s last week because I decided I didn’t want any of it, but afterwards we have to take Liam James to his soccer practice. I thought it would be great for Liam and his team to surprise daddy with a surprise 5 against 1 soccer match.” she said. “This will give my hubs a chance to work off that heavy breakfast I bought for him.”

Seven miles of running in place and a dry heave later, Kevin is now directed to buy Subway sandwiches for the entire team and his family for an impromptu Father’s day lunch.

“Next it is straight to the Children’s Museum. Randy always tells me he had “the most fun of his life” there with the kids!” Karen gushes. “He always has to disappear for 5 hours afterwards because he is scared of me catching him being sentimental. Classic Randy.”

With the kiddo’s worked into a frenzy, it will finally be time for Karen to reveal her husband’s dream dinner at Pizza Ranch.

Randy having the time of his life at Pizza Ranch.

“It will be great,” Karen went on to explain. “Kevin loves Pizza Ranch. We go there at least once a month for kids night out. He always gets the chicken and he loves the chocolate cactus bread. It will pretty much be a slam dunk. If he plays his cards right there might even be some hanky panky in his future if you know what I mean.”

Smell Nebraska asked Kevin if he was excited for the Father’s Day activities. “Karen’s planning my whole day? Seriously? I just wanted to go fishing but I guess that’s out the window. To be honest, I think I want a divorce. Don’t tell Karen any of this. She’s great, I mean, she’s fine. It’s not her fault. I’m just not myself anymore. I need to get my life back. Sorry, you don’t want to hear any of this. I don’t even know you. Hold up, what exactly is your deal here?”

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