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Lincoln Mother Honors Fallen Soldiers by Spending $528 at Kohl’s

Lincoln NE (SN) – Memorial Day blessed the capital city with beautiful weather on Monday, allowing residents to remember the selfless, courageous, acts of our brothers and sisters that gave their own lives to defend our country.

47 year old stepmother Gretchen Gullahorn did her part to honor the brave by taking advantage of just about every single Memorial Day sale taking place in Lincoln.

“I just had to catch Kohl’s blowout sale first,” she told reporters. “The courage of young men and women left me no choice but to head to Best Buy afterwards to purchase some cheap Blu-Rays. I’ve never really known any veterans, but I found a Blu-Ray of 1981’s “Stripes” that was 70% off! Just a great flick.”

From the electronics conglomerate, Gullahorn completed her day with quick purchases at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Guitar Center.

“I also took a pit-stop to the recently closed ShopKo by my house” her voice grew somber. “Had to pay my respects, you know? Never forget.”

Smell Nebraska hopes your liver (and colon) survived another Memorial Day weekend. You can actually support the troops HERE.

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