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Lincoln Parent Steps Outside the Box, Posts End of the School Year Photo

Lincoln NE (SN) – Living in a time of social media cliches, Lincoln parent Graham Schmidt is always looking for a way to stand out on Instagram and Facebook.

“You know, I came up with the idea in the shower on Monday morning,” the father and Nelnet employee told Smell Nebraska. “My kiddo is having his last day of school this week, I should really document the occasion.”

Schmidt’s idea became a reality Thursday morning when his son awoke to a father-chosen outfit and custom chalkboard art to commemorate the feat of completing 5th grade public school.

“Maverick was so excited when I told him that he was going to be on my Facebook today,” Graham chuckled. “I took him to Cost Cutters on Tuesday to touch up his MMA haircut. So many of my Facebook friends are going to like my post. I just feel sorry for the other parents that didn’t take the time to do this! Some people just don’t care about their kids.”

Graham Schmidt has received over 65 reactions on Facebook as of 11am, including 27 heart reactions! His Facebook account hasn’t seen this much activity since Maverick was Baptized in 2011.

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