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Smell Nebraska Is Now Sponsored by Boiler Brewing Company

Being the hardest hitting journalists in Nebraska is hard work, and hard work makes you thirsty. Blowing the lid off of shocking stories has increased our drinking habit too, fortunately for us the Boiler Brewing Company offered us a solution to both.

Owner and Grand Manse proprietor Monte Froehlich’s relationship with Smell Nebraska is none other than symbiosis. We deliver well written articles spreading his ideals of conservative money-grubbing and transphobia, and in return our team gets all the “meh?” beer we can drink.


Froehlich was quick to ask for a quote on our very popular website in return for a few growlers, so we grabbed something he said to the state legislature in early March regarding workplace protections for members of the LGBTQ community.

“In the 1800’s a battle raged for fifty years over the same issue, only a different lifestyle choice. The group that was discriminated against were the polygamists, but it was the same “love” argument. They said we have a right to choose our life style, and in fact it should be protected. Today it’s LGBT.” he said after rambling about Big Ten football.

It pains our writers to be on the wrong side of history, but we are now hammered on free beer so, yeah. Bottoms up!







Happy April fools day, fuck Monte Froehlich.

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