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Recycled Sounds to be Featured on “Hoarders: Buried Alive” Television Show

Omaha NE (SN) – The hit television show Hoarders made a stop in Omaha to help tidy up Recycled Sounds at 322 N 76th Street.

“I’ve never seen more random music memorabilia in my life,” said lead clean up manager Matt Paxton. “I mean, there are piles of old music magazines, ticket stubs, posters, autographs from everyone. He’s got cassette tapes and old cds and vinyl records and concert posters and magazine clippings. It’s just mindboggling. I’ve been on some major clean ups before but not on this scale.”

The owner of Recycled Sounds, Stuart Kolnick, found sitting amongst stacks of old 1980’s music magazines, has been an avid music fan for over 40 years and has kept every piece of music memorabilia he has every touched.

Clean up was slow, as each time it was suggested that an item be thrown away, Kolnick would go into a 35 minute story about the time he met the band, where they were, the other bands on the bill, and what the band members were doing now.

“I can’t throw out this picture of Hamish Stuart. I met him when he was backing up Paul McCartney in 1990. He used to be in the band Average White Band from Scotland. They broke up and he was backing up Paul when I saw him play in Dallas. Hamish also played with David Sanborn from Paul Schaffer’s band on Late Night with David Letterman. Speaking of which I think have a VHS recording of REM’s first appearance on national TV which was on the Letterman show. And the record didn’t come out until 7 months later. I met Michael Stipe in a coffee shop in the east village one time when he was in town shooting a commercial. He autographed a napkin for me. I think that’s over here in this box. I’m not sure though. I saw R.E.M. play Lollapalooza in Kansas City in 1995 with Sonic Youth. But they kept shortening Sonic Youth’s set because Michael Stipe had vocal problems and Bill Berry just had an aneurysm so most of Sonic Youth’s set was their one song, The Diamond Sea, which was almost 20 minutes long…”

The clean up team quietly put down the bundles of The Reader from 1998 and quietly left.

Make sure to do your part and stop in to Recycled Sounds and help Stuart get rid of some stuff. Don’t be in a hurry however.

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