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Fremont Couple Disgraces the Troops by Videotaping Children “Respectfully” Standing During Anthem

Fremont NE (SN) – A patriotic idea turned negative Sunday evening as a Fremont family was shamed over social media for playing with their cellular phones during the National Anthem.

The couple, Shane and Dana Walton of Fremont, wanted to prove how American their household was, attempting to take video of their children standing at full attention for the singing of the anthem during Sunday’s Patriots/Chargers game on television.

“It remember it wasn’t hard to organize,” Dana Walton spoke through tears to reporters. “I just explained to little Melissa and Shane Jr. that when the anthem started they needed to stand in front of the tv with their hands on their chest. We thought it would be cute to show how much our kids care about the troops, we didn’t deserve for everyone to be so mean!”

Walton is referencing the onslaught of negative responses to the video, after it was posted on the duo’s joint Facebook account “Danaandshane Walton.”

“This is despicable, this is an outrage,” commented one user in all caps. “Our troops didn’t die so these assholes can exploit their kids in some PR stunt.”

Other comments from neighbors accused the family of being “the least patriotic family in Fremont.”

“Aside from the fact that these dipshits are fucking Chargers fans, the bitch mom did a terrible job tying a yellow ribbon around their oak tree in their front yard. Most half-assed yellow ribbon in the entire neighborhood,” read another comment. “Shane Walton on the other hand, has never fought for anything in his entire life.”

“Shane was morbidly obese at 18 and the military rejected him from enlisting” Dana sobbed. “We voted against Killary like everyone else, this community is totally wrong about how patriotic the Walton family is, when will this end?!”

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