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Photo Surfaces of High School Junior Deb Fischer Sitting Alone at Prom, Never Asked to Dance by Anyone

Lincoln NE (SN) – With the controversy surrounding young, dancing, elected officials at it’s peak in US history, newly discovered photo evidence is now bringing United States Senator Deb Fischer (R-NE) to the limelight.

The image from a high school prom, leaked by an anonymous former classmate, shows the [then] 16 year old Senator in a dress, sitting alone by the bleachers in the Lincoln Southeast High School gymnasium, where she reportedly spent the entire evening without any attention from fellow suitor classmates.

“I was taking photos for the yearbook when I saw ol’ Ranch-Hands Fischer sitting by herself,” read a note included with the leaked photo. “I had to get a good photograph of that. God she was a brat. Our entire school hated Dumbo Debra!”

The anonymous classmate offered some harsh insight into the Southeast High alumni.

“My buddies and I were watching the Republican party attempt to roast Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her silly college dance video,” they wrote. “That was when I remembered taking that photo, which was stored away with my year books and stuff. It’s no wonder these people hate dancing so much. They were the losers missing out on all of it.”

Senator Fischer graduated from Southeast High School in 1968, and began shitting on that same Nebraska public education system from her state legislative seat in 2005.

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