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Darren Keen Set to Release an EP Recorded Using Only Yia Yia’s Food and Utensils

Lincoln NE (SN) – Local musician Darren Keen is set to release a new 6 song EP recorded using only food and utensils found at Yia Yia’s restaurant. The EP, entitled “OW! My Mouth!,” is set to be released in February on Orange Dick Records, incorporates a new and unique recording method, and may usher in a new age of recording altogether.

“When I used to work at Yia Yia’s, I spent all day thinking about how to incorporate the things around me into a song,” says Keen. “Now that I work at AmuManu Ramen, everything is too soft and delicious to make any noise with. I knew I had to go back to my roots. Luckily I know enough people on the inside that they could get me the stuff that I needed to make the album. They got me some pizza cutters, pans, one of those flat wood things you pull the pizza out of the oven with. I’m set.”

Yia Yia’s Pizza | 1423 O St

Keen explained how he would use a 2-hour-old rock hard piece of bread and throw it against a pie pan to create the bass tones. “You take this and throw it over here, and BOOM! It’s like a supersonic blast. Can’t get that effect anywhere else, especially on Pro-Tools.”

“For the high hats I took a slice of broccoli, potato, and pesto pizza and slapped it against a bottle of La Trappe Isid’or. Not only is the pizza vegan, but the burnt crust makes a great tone against the bottle of Belgian pale ale. Killer.”

Keen hopes his album will lead the way in the Drum and Bass and Pizza music genre. “I’m just doing my thing. If others want to follow me so be it. I am a musical genius and this album proves it.” Keen’s album is the most anticipated service industry noise album since Stomp made those songs from garbage can lids and brooms way back when.

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