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Former “Man v. Food” Host Attempting “Finish an Entire Slice of Piezano’s Pizza” Challenge

Lincoln NE (SN) – American actor and television personality Adam Richman will be passing through the capital city later this week in lieu of his recently announced “Food Challenge Tour” of the Midwest.

The former host of Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food” has responded to an outpouring of tweets from Nebraskans challenging him to finish a single slice of the dense, rich, thick pizza from Piezano’s Pizza.

“The votes have been cast, and it looks like the first stop of my tour will be Piezano’s in Lincoln, NE! Pizza Primo, consider yourself warned. Food will not be winning this battle.” he tweeted Monday evening.

Piezano’s Pizza on 2740 South street.

Richman’s confidence has been the laughing stock of Lincoln since the post to his Twitter account, leaving most locals eager to see him fail.

“Does this knucklehead know how much dough is in Piezano’s pizza?” shouted neighboring veterinarian Deborah Ullman. “Two bites, and I’m full. Every time!”

Ullman then offered some advice to the celebrity regarding his competitive eating.

“This Richman guy better make sure he gets the cook that actually knows how to cook the pie all the way through” she added. “If the pizza is undercooked that’s just another roadblock. Regardless, he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, that guy.”

Adam Richman will be doing a meet and greet at Lefty’s Records next door this Friday, December 7th, before fighting a slice of Piezano’s “Pizza Primo” to his assumed death.

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