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Night Push Continues to Pump Out Lincoln’s Best Sounding Facebook Memes

Lincoln NE (SN) – In a world where a video of a baby panda sneezing gets you 300 likes on Facebook while your upcoming show at the Royal Grove gets a single like from your mom, Lincoln rock band Night Push seems to have cracked the code.

nightpush06“A couple years ago, I just started making Night Push memes” said bassist and memester Josh Caster. “Everyone loves them, and it is way easier and more affordable than recording music.”

And the likes just keep coming. “The Push” has been pumping out meme after meme ever since. While stylistically unique, the band offers their own fresh spin on trending memes without it appearing that they are trying too hard.

“Well I had to do the one of those American Chopper dudes shouting at each other” Caster said. “The Childish Gambino one took a little work, but that music video of his was the only thing the internet was talking about for that 47 hour period. I had to find a way to honor it.”

This should not take away from just how gifted the quintet is at writing incredible, original content. The rock outfit has snatched up dozens of likes on Facebook with material featuring a photo of the bass players face, and even memes that doubled as fliers for the unforgettable gigs they have been playing since their conception.

Smell Nebraska editors have no comments of said performances. They remember being at some of them but they think maybe they were very drunk and possibly smoking outside during the Night Push set.


Night Push’s next show is Saturday, December 1st at the Lookout Lounge in Omaha with Super Moon, Bloodcow, and Trench. Additional memes can be found HERE.

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