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Tam O’Shanter’s Carpeted Walls Live to See Another Sad Drunk Person

Lincoln NE (SN) – Just days after the announcement of closing, a buyer has emerged from the shadows proving to the city of Lincoln that the dimly lit Tam O’Shanter bar and steakhouse will never die.

“They had an auction scheduled for this upcoming Sunday and everything. Nice try!” said the buyer. “You aren’t going anywhere, you seedy, creepy, little bar, you.”

The news was received with mixed results by current owner Diona Peithman, who has been trying to sell the Tam O’Shanter for the last two years, which, after several deals falling through ultimately led to the decision to close.

tamoshanter02“I mean of course I’m happy the place is staying open” she told reporters. “I don’t know though, I mean I’ve already had a chance to say goodbye and everything. Part of me already made peace with the idea of the location finally passing on to the other side.”

Carrying sixteen years of memories since she first rescued the location from bankruptcy, Peithman has chosen to remember the good times internally while facing whatever new legacy lies ahead.

“If these carpeted walls could talk….” she shook her head. “Well for starters they’d complain about some dog-shit level karaoke. Ha! It’s been real, Tam. I’m outta here.”

The Tam’s new owner, who wished to remain anonymous, is actually Brad McKinnon, owner of Gate 25 in the railyard. Are they still in business? We haven’t checked.

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