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Dutch Uncle Closes, Reopens with New Management as “When You Fart Under the Covers Tavern”

Lincoln NE (SN) – After two years of brews, pinball, and run-off creeps from the Night Before Lounge, the Dutch Uncle is closing it’s doors for good.

“It was just time” said a former bartender. “I’ll never forget those Rick and Morty viewing parties though.”

The property, located at 317 S 11th street, was quick to re-brand and re-open under the new name “When You Fart Under the Covers Tavern.”

“Dutch Uncle was a pretty good name for a bar, but we wanted the new bar to sound a little less exclusive” said new owner Ted Pixton. “How I see it, you just got kicked out of the Night Before Lounge for groping a dancer, and you don’t feel like singing Third Eye Blind karaoke with a miserable drunk at the Beacon Lounge… why not drop over to the When You Fart Under the Covers Tavern for a pint?”

The new owner promised that there wouldn’t be any drastic changes to the overall layout and atmosphere of the When You Fart Under the Covers Tavern.

“We’ll have the same flow, same bathrooms, same bar-top. I am replacing the pinball games with that dude-bro punching bag game, though” Pixton shook his head. “Gotta try to get the dude-bros to my bar.”

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