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Hurts Donut Lincoln Unveiling New Donut That Doesn’t Completely Destroy the Roof of Your Mouth

Lincoln NE (SN) – Fried confection scientists at Hurts Donut Company’s Lincoln location announced Wednesday that they had finally mastered a new donut recipe that won’t completely tear up the roof of your mouth on the first bite rendering the entire experience very unpleasant.

Smell Nebraska reporters sat down with head baker Nancy Spaulding at the Grand Manse location for the details.

“You know, off the record, this recipe was created on accident” she told reporters. “It was truly one of those “right place/right time” circumstances.”

Spaulding elaborated on the chance meeting with the growing donut company’s CEO.

“We are always working on new recipes, and had nothing else but one of these “blank canvasses” in front of us” the baker smiled and held up an ordinary glazed donut. “We were throwing around ideas. I wanted to cover it in dry Cap’n Crunch cereal, while a colleague was tracking down their grandmother’s peanut brittle and broken glass recipe, and that was when Hurts Donut Company CEO Tim Clegg suddenly walked into our kitchen.”

Klegg, who reportedly decided to travel from his home in Springfield, Missouri to make random drop-ins on regional franchises was enthusiastic that the bakers wanted to craft a unique, local, masterpiece.

Hurts Donut Company CEO: Tim Clegg

“We explained that we were coming up with our own recipe and he asked to try it” Nancy laughed. “He is Tim fucking Clegg! CEO of Hurts Donut Company! I didn’t know how to explain to him that we hadn’t even added anything yet, so we let him take a bite of it.”

It turned out that the CEO was very pleased with the “creation.”

“He absolutely loved it! He had so many questions” she added. “How were we able to make it so delicious and decadent? …and without breaking the skin on the roof of his mouth with 89 fucking Nerds candies or cuts of crispy bacon? I sat there stunned and finally responded hesitantly with …Nebraska nice?”

Look for the “Nebraska N-Ice Ordinary Glazed Donut” at the Grand Manse location for $6 a pop.

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