From the editor, Slow Nuesday

Complete Idiots Think Our Articles Are Real – Here’s How You Can Help

Did you know that every time you “Like” one of our Instagram photos, Facebook posts, or Twitter Tweets, a loving warmth rushes over our the editorial staff? Suddenly all of their hard work wasn’t for nothing, and the post-lunch slump of their shift at Nelnet is just a little less shitty as fuck.

Did you know that every time you actually visit, a little “hit” is generated digitally? If you thought that feeling of clicking “Like” has helped reinvigorate the souls of our hard hitting reporters, imagine a visit to our site to be like a full body massage from an exotic angel.

Did you know that sharing our articles on social media can help the dumbest people you could ever imagine to believe that the Railyard in Lincoln closed for good two months ago? Or that former Husker coach Tom Osborne has recently purchased Pershing Auditorium with goals to host exclusive, all female, arena football games every Thursday night? Did you know that earlier today, the Wendy’s on north 48th street accidentally served a burger with squirrel meat to a customer?

It’s all true, and you can help spread the word.

Visit our site, share everything. Follow us on Facebook, and Twitter, help us argue with @sleelersfanlbc on Instagram.

Follow Smell Nebraska everywhere, come smell or high shit-water, we won’t let you down.

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