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Former Lancaster County Treasurer Andy Stebbing Set To Open “Crazy Andy’s” Used Car Lot

Lincoln NE (SN) – Former Lancaster county treasurer Andy Stebbing is set to open “Crazy Andy’s” used car sales at 23rd and P. With his days in politics now behind him, Stebbing is excited to begin the next chapter in his life.

“What is it going to take to get you in one of these babies today?” says Stebbing. “You won’t find a better price in town. How can I sell these so cheap? I don’t pay taxes and pass the savings on down to you, the customer. Also, I’m not licensed.”

Stebbing was recently voted out of office in the last election. Last week he pleaded no contest to attempting to provide false information on a bill of sale and two counts of attempting to act as an unlicensed motor vehicle dealer.

Crazy Andy’s Used Car Lot on Cornhusker

Stebbing was asked if it was a tough transition from working in the government to selling used cars. “It’s actually not that different of a jump. Politicians and used car salesmen have about the same amount of ethics and morals, which is actually zero of both. So it’s an easy transition. I will miss my days spent in government though. Charlie (state auditor Charlie Janssen) and I would spend hours and hours at Brewsky’s hanging out, ‘doing work.’ He was auditing and I was treasuring. Great times.”


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