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Nebraska Cornhusker Fans Excited for Undefeated Season, National Championship

Lincoln NE (SN) – A buzz is in the air around Lincoln Nebraska, as Cornhusker fans prepare once and for all for the first undefeated season and National Championship since 1997.

“Can’t wait. Scott Frost. Number one!” shouted superfan Kevin Lynch. “Wooooooooo!”

“I just can’t wait to be there in Santa Clara for the National Championship game when we win the title.” says Dan Thompson of Denton Nebraska. “I bought my tickets and everything. Hopefully we beat Alabama, or Georgia. Someone from the SEC. It’s gonna so awesome.”


Husker fans are in agreement that this will be the first National Championship since the revered Dr. Tom Osborne and the Huskers beat Florida in the 1998 Fiesta Bowl. It will also be the first Big 10 championship for Nebraska and the first conference championship since 1999, when Nebraska defeated Texas for the Big 12 championship.

“It’s gonna be so great to beat Ohio State in the big horseshoe or whatever they call it.” continues Thompson. “Walk into Wisconsin blow them out in their own stadium. Me and my buddies are thinking about going up for that one. I don’t want to miss a game this year. I’ve waited so long for my son to see a national championship and it’s finally gonna happen. Scott Frost!”

Smell Nebraska asked Thompson if he had any concerns about the starting quarterback this year. “Um, well, I don’t really know who the quarterback is going to be? Is it Taylor Martinez again? Whatever, our quarterback doesn’t really matter. We have Scott Frost and he was a quarterback and he won the National Championship last year with Southern Florida. So we’re good. This is our year. Scott Frost! Throw the bones!”

Nebraska will finally begin it’s “we cannot lose” 6th National Championship season for reals this time tomorrow at 2:30 pm at home against the Purdue Boilermakers.

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