From the editor, TLDRsdays

Apply for Smell Nebraska’s Fall 2018 Internships

Being the most exclusive news source in Nebraska is a lot of work for one lone high school kid.

Smell Nebraska is looking for smug, opinionated, unreliable, and difficult to work with candidates for our Fall 2018 internship program. Our positions range from taking photos of the miserable losers getting drunk at 2pm on a Tuesday at Tam O’ Shanter, to facing the owner of Smoker’s Corner 17th & Washington who is still really upset that we made fun of his dogshit business. These positions offer a challenging but life-changing insight into the real Nebraska Nice.

Interns would report to our Lincoln office, on 4730 South street, whenever the fuck they feel like it, and help keep the smell a-woft for 8-10 hours a week. There are no educational requirements, but we will likely select whomever seems to suck the least amount of ass.

Please email your resume and application to

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