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16 Memorial Stadium Attendees Still Holding out for Husker/Akron Kickoff

Lincoln NE (SN) – As thousands of Nebraska college football fans are still taking their anger towards mother nature to social media after lightning and thunderstorms cancelled Saturday’s season opener against Akron, sixteen Husker fans still stand in their assigned seats.

“We will not give up on our team this year. Not with Scott Frost in charge” said Wahoo resident and season ticket holder Byron Hansen. “You can say what you want about us Nebraskans, but I refuse to be known as a fair-weather fan of the program.”

Saturday’s cancelled home game against Akron. Also pictured: Holy fuck.

Hansen is, of course, referencing the general understanding, fueled by leaked audio of former coach Bo Pelini in 2013, that perhaps Husker fans are sometimes little whiny bitches about anything that doesn’t go their way.

Bringing us to the brave individuals at Memorial Stadium refusing to give up.

“I’m here with my wife, and three kids” Hansen huddles his lone parka around his shivering family in Monday night’s downpour. “I may lose my job in the morning. I’d call in sick, but my cell phone got ruined my water damage Saturday night while I was trying to Snapchat the lightning with everybody else out here. Fucking quitters. Go big red!”

Pending a rescheduling of the Akron game, Byron and his family are planning on staying in the stands until kickoff this upcoming Saturday at 2:30pm against Colorado. Rain or shine.

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