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Cursed VHS from “the Ring” Rumored to be found at Lincoln’s Gameroom

Lincoln NE (SN) – It has been reported that the death-cursed VHS tape featured on the 2002 film “The Ring” that rolls creepy images meshed together with clips of a little girl being thrown into a well to die leaving the viewer with just seven days to live had somehow landed in the expansive VHS inventory at the Gameroom on 1709 O Street.

The videotape, found covered in cat hair, appeared to have been placed in the part two side of the 2 video boxed set of the 1997 blockbuster “Titanic.” The apartment of 20 year old Gretchen Schimmelin, found fatally scared to death in her closet, was apparently the next destination for the curse.

“Our entire team of detectives took a look at the footage” LPD police chief Jeffrey Bliemeister told reporters. “These Millennials are into some twisted shit these days.”

Gameroom employees are baffled as to how the footage sneaked it’s way into the used video game/entertainment store in the first place.

“We test all of the items people dump off here” said cashier Duncan Junck. “I suppose perhaps if they are store-crediting the items for used PS4 games or something the exchange could have gotten complicated.”

Junck had no recollection of Schimmelin making the purchase either. Perhaps he was high because he works at a buy/sell video game store. No judgement.

Almost as scary as the regulars.

“Store records indicate she also bought a VHS of Jerry Maguire and a used Nintendo Wii” he shook his head. “Have you guys seen the surveillance footage? As soon as I swipe her card her face gets all distorted and demonic for the rest of the sale. Then a horse jumps off of a boat. Sorry, spoiler alert.”

Aside from most of the Lincoln Police Force being eliminated by the curse before the first Husker game day, the store clerk wasn’t very concerned for their personal safety.

“A few hours ago someone stumbled into the store in a nightgown with their long, black, hair covering their face” Junck said. “I thought for sure it was Samara from the tape coming to kill me. Turns out it was just some drunk lady that had wandered out of Harry’s Wonder Bar looking for cocaine. I told her the cocaine Goodwill was the one further down the block and she left. I think it was just my imagination playing tricks on me.”

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