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Twitter’s @FauxPelini to Become @NottFrost Ahead of New Husker Season

Lincoln NE (SN) – The Huskers “Frost Warning” is spreading across the state with the upcoming season of football approaches, leading hundreds of sports heads and online personalities asking, “how do I get my piece of the HYPE?” Infamous Twitter handle @FauxPelini is no exception.

Since the Twitter moniker belongs to a fellow high school student trolling people on the internet just like Smell Nebraska, all we had to do was cut third and fourth period for a quick and rare in-person interview with @FauxPelini regarding the transformation to @NottFrost.

“You guys have been tagging me on Twitter so much” the washed up Twitter star told reporters. “I guess it worked. Here I am.”

He continued by elaborating about his career, post #BoMustGo.

“I had a @SikeRiley handle created on Twitter, but I just wasn’t feeling it” FauxPelini added. “Using that word “Sike” even dragged in that unnecessary 90’s nostalgia that fair-weather, glory days, Husker fans just drink up. I just wanted to wait until Riley ultimately got fired, I guess.”

Enter Scott Frost: The ultimate era in Husker football.

“@SikeRiley has arrived. I just hope I can find a stupid photo of him holding a cat or something” he said.

@FauxPelini finally exchanged DM’s with @SmellNebraska over Twitter after the physical interview. Thank you for not beating us up. Sorry you got held back five years in a row, your Tweets are gold.

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