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Unemployed O’Neill Residents Very Excited to Work At Cattle Feedlot for Minimum Wage

O’Neill NE (SN) – This Wednesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in O’Neill raided a local tomato greenhouse complex, a potato processing facility, and a cattle feedlot.

The result was the detaining of dozens of workers, bringing the statewide number up to 133 workers suspected of being in the country illegally.

While this week’s news sparked outrage and controversy on social media, with every Nebraskan weighing their opinion on the ethics of children of immigrants losing both of their parents in such raids, the 2.8% of unemployed O’Neill residents are already rolling up their sleeves for the first day of their new job.

Just another beautiful, shit-stench, day at the office.

“These stupid [expletives] have been working really hard to keep me from my dream of making next to nothing at a scorching hot greenhouse in August for quite some time” shouted 46 year old unemployed Carl Spaur. “Well that stops now! You illegals are going back to where you came from and I’m going to make a good living, well, I’ll be making less than I make on unemployment, but, yeah go back to where you came from!”

Spaur was quick to respond to the figure that an immigration raid can cost taxpayers up to $23,482 per detainee.

“You gotta spend money to make money” he barked back. “And that’s nothing compared to the money they stole from us by working 80 hours a week at our potato processing facility instead of us, and spending their $300 paychecks at our local O’Neill businesses. I’m sorry but this is America. Go on and get on outta here!”

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