Smellthy Living, TLDRsdays

Lancaster County Restaurant Inspections, 8/2/2018

Smell Nebraska’s interns have issued unenforceable food enforcement warnings to:

Andy’s Express Convenience Store, 2500 Wildcat Drive. Cashier found chatting loudly on flip phone to someone about Stranger Things season 1 as if it hasn’t been out for two years, slot to insert “chip” card reader taped over with note saying “no chip” in three year old’s handwriting, repeat. Some items pulled from freezer forced to be purchased by inspectors after opening, tasted like frozen food. Inspectors were infected with brain freeze.

Banhwich Cafe, 940 N. 26th St. #201. Inspector arrived at lunch time to a short line and had to wait in line. Cashier asked inspector twice if it was such a good idea to ask for spiciest thing on the menu again after the first visit. Outdoor seating had a fly. Spiciest thing on the menu gave inspector the most painful diarrhea of their life, beating out inspector’s last visit to Banhwich Cafe.

Imperial Palace, 701 N. 27th St. Establishment suspended Jun. 18; violations related to kicking inspector out after making tired “cream of some young guy” joke corrected and establishment reopened Jul. 30, inspector no longer banned from establishment, expecting spit in their food.

Long John Silver’s, 3400 S 10th St. Establishment out of paper pirate hats, exiting patron rang “captain bell” resulting in startled and anxious inspector. Meal of 46 hush puppies left inspector feeling sad, sick, and lethargic for twelve days.

Super Saver #4, 233 N. 48th St. One deli employee had alt-right hair, another employee’s Dickies pants were so baggy they looked like a nu-metal kid from 1998. Roasted chickens in display case looked mad delicious and too expensive for inspector to afford. Slot to insert “chip” card reader taped over with note saying “no chip” in three year old’s handwriting.

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