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Republicans Unveil Petition to Change Mayor Beutler’s Name on Ballot to “Mr. Snowtard”

Lincoln NE (SN) – The Nebraska Republican Party have announced a petition drive to change Mayor Chris Beutler’s name on the ticket, which, if successful, would increase the chances of voters voting for anyone else on the ballot.

Beutler’s campaign, with united support from Nebraska Democrats, had previously announced he is indeed seeking re-election in the spring for a fourth term.

Three members of the Nebraska GOP — J.L. Spray, RNC member; Robert Synhorst, former director of the state party; and Lancaster County Republican party secretary, Faith White — added their signatures to documents filed last week to begin the petition drive.

A freshly washed homeless person collecting signatures for $13 an hour.

These decisions “are rigging the mayoral election for their candidate by introducing a petition aimed at one person,” Beutler’s campaign manager, Brandon Bayer, told reporters.

“Beutler has the voting record, the support, and the name recognition. Their proposed “Mr. Snowtard” has none of the above. It is as simple as dirty campaign tricks” he said in a Snapchat to Smell Nebraska.

The Nebraska Republican Party has until September 4th to gather less than 4,000 signatures, and will likely pay crack heads $11.50 an hour like Governor Pete Ricketts did to get the future of the death penalty on a ballot.

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