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Bill Moos ‘Fairly Certain’ It Wasn’t Ron Brown Stuffing Libraries with Anti-Semitic Literature

Lincoln NE (SN) – Over the weekend Lincoln’s fanciest bird houses, the Little Free Libraries, became targets by an individual hell bent on spreading messages of hatred across the Capital city when it was discovered that Nazi propaganda had been stuffed inside the free book exchanges.

As of this writing the Lincoln Police Department are still without a suspect, however UNL athletic director Bill Moos wants the public to know that he’s certain it wasn’t new Husker hire Ron Brown.

“Yea, we’re looking into it, but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t Ronny,” Moos said late Monday evening.

Huskers Director of Player Development | Ron Brown.

Since the announcement that he will be returning to UNL athletics as director of player development, Brown has been at the center of controversy surrounding his thinly veiled hatred for homosexuals.

Moos however isn’t concerned about people drawing connections with Brown’s disdain for specific minority groups.

“We’ve talked to Ron and Ron knows better than to attack a group of people– like the Jews– that people aren’t ok with attacking them in public anymore.” Moos continued, “Ron has personally assured me that he will only slander groups that people don’t really care that much about– like the gays– and only under the guise of his so-called religious beliefs.”

When asked to comment on the incident, Brown stated emphatically, “I don’t care what anyone says, these Mexicans are stealing our jobs. Scott Frost!!!”

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