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Salt Creek Band Asks Public to Stop Dumping Garbage In Their Rehearsal Space

Lincoln NE (SN) – As if being in a local band isn’t stressful enough, with booking, promoting, gear, schedules, and rehearsal. Lincoln indie band “Salt Creek” has even more on their plate, as local shitheads have been tossing used tires, broken clothes dryers, and other rhyming debris in their rehearsal space.

“It has gotten incredibly out of hand” said Salt Creek member Chase Thompson. “I mean we practice at my house. People are coming to where I live and just throwing shit everywhere they please.”

An exclusive interview with Salt Creek via Instagram!

The “Salt Creek Pollution” has been disruptive in the song writing process as well.

“We were in the middle of a song when some guy in jorts and a Raiders jersey just let himself in!” explained guitar player Cam Penner. “He dropped a broken mini fridge next to my amp and left like it was nothing.”

The city of Lincoln is in the beginning stages of a large “Don’t dump on Salt Creek Band” campaign, with local garbage and recycling companies joining in on the rhetoric and instructions regarding proper disposal of residential waste.

Salt Creek released “Where Strangers Go” last year. It rules and can be heard HERE.

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