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Valentino’s President Resigns After Supporting Iowa Hawkeyes in Leaked Conference Call Audio

Lincoln NE (SN) – It has been a terrible week for mediocre pizza chain higher ups, as an audio file, leaked early Thursday morning, of a recent conference call where Valentino’s Pizza company president Tony Messineo praised the Iowa Hawkeyes.

“You have to admit it, Iowa has been figuring it out, while we keep paying coaches a trillion dollars just to work for a handful of years. They are a decent football program” Messineo’s voice was heard on the recording.

This news, of course, broke within hours of the news that Papa John’s Pizza founder and CEO John Schnatter would be resigning after evidence of him openly using the N-word on a conference call leaked to the public.

The crunk Husker game standard: Runza & Valentino’s.

The unfortunate pizza establishment news was a direct blow to faithful Husker fans, who until yesterday, were floored to sink their teeth into a “meh” slice of the locally overrated pizza chain’s pizza as Husker season kicked off this fall. As is tradition.

“Saying the N-word is pretty bad, man” said University of Nebraska Lincoln sophomore Carson Forsberg. “But supporting Iowa football? Total scum. I say we kill him in his fucking sleep! Scott Frost!!!”

No other giant pizza franchises have come forward, but Pizza Hut did send a HUT REWARDS email to the official Smell Nebraska email at Be a part of our HUT REWARDS. Email us. C’mon! Let’s talk pizza, racism, sports, getting enough words into an article, the new Drake single?….

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