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Expose’! Local Artist’s First Friday Showcase Pieces Revealed as Kindergartener’s Art Projects

Lincoln NE (SN) – Friday’s “first Friday” art showcase in downtown Lincoln was was the most attended Friday to date, as sweaty Zoo-Fest patrons flooded the air conditioned locations drunk and dizzy enough to buy just about anything. While starving local artists thrived, a single bad egg sold over two thousand dollars worth of stolen masterpieces.

“I walked into a showcase at Confluence, on 1627 S 17th street” said Adams Elementary teacher Christina Maddox. “I was shocked. Every piece of art on display belonged to my recently graduated 2018 kindergarten class.”

The teacher proceeded to admit her involvement in the fraudulent art display.

A self portrait by four year old artist Phoenyx Michylle.

“We hold an art display in our classroom featuring the kids best pieces” Christina said with a frown. “Sadly, the kiddos don’t really care about their creations after a few days, so most of the masterpieces find their way into the garbage.”

The clever first Friday showcase ruse took just a simple dumpster dive, and the rest was history, and a lot of money.

“This asshole sold a finger-painting of a fish that my student Jonathan slaved over for over $300!” the teacher shouted. “I blame myself for not using a paper shredder. I will never make this mistake again.”

It is reported that the “artist” got off Scot-free, and has already invested over $600 into consuming slices of pizza and craft beer at Yia-Yia’s Pizza.

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