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“Zoo-Fest” and “Brews at the Zoo” Compete to Host Most Miserably Sweaty, Drunk, Weekend Event with the Word “Zoo” in It

Lincoln NE (SN) – Humidity is at a constant 88% in the star city. Leaving a majority committed to staying indoors until September, but when the legendary Zoo Bar hosts their annual “Zoo-Fest” at the exact same weekend as the Lincoln Children’s Zoo’s 21+ “Brew at the Zoo” rager, Lincolnites are forced to ask the question, “Which zoo related event will I allow to lead me to binge drunken dehydration?”

Zoo-Fest is proudly holding their founding Zoo Bar’s 45th anniversary with an outdoor showcase of live music, closing down 14th street to locals Evan Bartels and the Stoney Lonesomes, Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal, while National rock legends like Los Lobos and Red Elvises will also be rocking the house.

“Zoo-Fest is the greatest!” shouted concert goer Anthony Bricker. “Last year I fainted due to heat stroke and alcohol poisoning at about 5:42pm, but the opening blues band was waiting around to get paid so they carried me in to 1867 Bar to cool off. I don’t remember much after that but I had the best weekend. Zoo Bar for life!!!”

Leo the Lion: A recycling fixture at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo is hosting their annual “Brew at the Zoo” event Friday, allowing adults to swarm 96 degree beer tents before stumbling around the grounds to enjoy the animals.

“Last year was off the chain!” recalled Lincoln father Peter McMillan. “The animals were too hot to come out of their shelters, with the exception of the penguins. My wife loved the penguins, but I drank fourteen pints of Zipline Brewing Company beer, and my friend Trevor stuck his wiener in Leo the Lion’s mouth. One for the books!!!”

“Zoo weekend” was, of course, heavily overshadowed in the past by Lincoln staple RIB FEST. Which was held indoors at Pinnacle Bank Arena in recent years after the “National Weather Service flash flood of human sweat warning” incident.

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