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Instagram’s IGTV Cancelled Just Days Into Season 1

New York NY (SN) – Things have been tense at Instagram’s NYC headquarters after the beloved launch of IGTV was abruptly cancelled just a week into season 1.

The Instagram app update, Version 51.0, allowed users to post 1-hour video uploads, advertising the change for “everyone to be a creator, not just big-name celebrities.” This functionality was called “IGTV.”

“It’s time for video to move forward, and evolve,” said Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom onstage at an event in San Francisco. “If you are shitfaced at a Bruno Mars concert you should not be limited to just 60 seconds of blurry, inaudible, nonsense.”

Who’s great idea was this?

Early talks to roll-back the video app update were discussed in secret meetings behind closed doors as early as the end of last week, but it wasn’t until what aired on IGTV over the weekend that the company had no choice but to take the feature off the air for good.

“Over the weekend, every single Instagram user posted an hour long video of their baby,” cried Systrom. “If they didn’t have a baby, they posted an hour of their dog, or their cat. If they didn’t have a pet either they posted sixty minutes of them singing along to the radio in their car. It was as if Instagram became Snapchat overnight. Oh the humanity.”

Executives feared that with The Fourth of July coming up, people would just record millions of hours of fireworks displays that everyone records but no one would ever sit and watch, so, just like that, they pulled the plug. It was as if IGTV never existed, and no one seemed to notice because no one even knew about it in the first place. It isn’t over. Netflix has expressed interest in picking up the show for a special exclusive series. It seems IGTV is here to stay.

Instagram hopes to return to the old platform, where a million hopeful models can show off hundreds of thousands of pictures of their butts and side boobs, just like the creators of Instagram drew it up.

What do you Instagram? DM @SmellNebraska with your worst. #nofilter

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