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Wine Coolers, Giant Hats, & the True Meaning of AZP: Our Exclusive Interview with the Fey

Smell Nebraska recently sat down on Facebook Messenger with Zach Watkins from Lincoln Rock/Soul sextet The Fey (formerly known as AZP) to discuss their new album “Strawberry Lemonade” that will be dropping later this summer.

TF: Hello. Zach, from The Fey.

SN: Hello Zach! We are eager to discuss the release of your new album, “Strawberry Lemonade.” We enjoy Sonic drinks too. What are some of your other favorite delicious beverages?

TF: Sonic drinks as in drinks from Sonic? Yeah, I don’t ever really purchase anything from there. Believe it or not, the “Strawberry Lemonade” I’m referencing is that of Mike’s Hard Lemonade… their exclusive Strawberry Lemonade flavor

SN: How many mikes hards do you think you can drink in one sitting?

TF: Well that night, I hit an all time personal record… 14!

SN: That’s impressive. Can you set the record straight and tell us what AZP stands for?

TF: I thought so too. Haha. AZP basically stood for nothing at all when it while it was the bands alias. Before that it was the abbreviation for a production/artist collective me, my friend Anthony, and Ishma created since our high school days. It stood for A to Z Productions. (Anthony/Zach Productions). The fact that the name no longer had no real ties to the rest of this band was a big reason for the name change to The Fey

SN: Well we are proud of you for honoring the other guys in the band that no one cares about as much. It seems everyone is pleased with the new name, however we did hear about a recent lawsuit filed by comedian Tina Fey regarding the new band name. Are your lawyers allowing you to elaborate on this to the readers?

TF: Haha. Well actually, we had a sit down with Tina about the name, and she agreed that as long as we let her sing a duet with me she’ll drop the suit. We’re still negotiating that request.

SN: Can’t wait for that duet! So which song off of “Limeade” is your favorite and why?

TF: It just may happen. Personally my favorite song from the EP is probably, “The Cool”. I think it’s my favorite because it’s something a bit new for us. A bit of an vintage pop “love song”, sung in an old school soulful falsetto. Plus its got a real connection to the creation of this project.

SN: Sounds like a pretty “The cool” song. Which one of you guys is always wearing the giant hat? Do they have a collection of giant hats? Also is there a giant hat store?

This is a real life thing.

TF: Those giant hats?
That would definitely be a mixture of Ishma and myself who’s all about the hats.
For now, this is my giant hat store.

SN: Breathtaking. Can you name a favorite local band of yours, also in the spirit of name changes, name a band in town that you believe has a ridiculous name?

TF: My favorite bands around here are CJ Mills, Universe Contest, CJ Clydesdale Band, Oketo, and BOTH.
Most “ridiculous” name… I’d have to say Sputnik Kuputnik. Cool shit, but definitely a weird name. Haha

SN: What is the stupidest show you’ve ever played in Lincoln?

TF: Ooo, that’s a tough one. I’ll have to think more about that one.

SN: We’ll give you time.

TF: O!.. I know. Our rhythm guitarist randomly befriended the original drummer and guitarist (I think) of Soul Collective here in town. Later down the road they asked us to join their new band at this bar on West A. I forgot what it’s called. It’s probably one of the oddest shows, venues, etc that I’ve ever played at.

SN: Ah. 501 Bar?

TF: Yes. That’s it. Just that night, that bill, etc wasn’t really our vibes.

SN: I think my dad hangs out there. I heard they sell burgers that somehow take over an hour to cook. I suppose it’s plug time. Do you have an album release date/show set for when the Smirnoff Ice EP drops?

TF: Those have to be some very special burgers. I definitely love a good hamburger… Alongside a ice cold “Strawberry Lemonade”, which releases July 13th.

SN: I love a good segue-way. Thank you for your time Zach.

The new single CONTENDER off of “Strawberry Lemonade” was released today! Listen to it here on SPOTIFY.

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