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Stranger Things Star to Join Cast of Paid Child Actors in Libtard Immigrant Children Hoax Videos

Nogales AZ (SN) – President Donald Trump’s further tightening of the United States border has continued to infuriate liberals, who are now funneling billions of dollars that they had hidden away somewhere to stage elaborate video “evidence” of immigrant children being held by U.S. Customs in tent cities and jail cells, far away from their heart-shattered deported parents.

The Democratic Party money is a-flowin’ for these hoax videos. So much so that it is luring in some of Hollywood’s most popular child actors, including Stranger Thing’s Gaten Matarazzo, who plays fan favorite Dustin Henderson.

“We are deep into the early production of Stranger Things season 3, but I told them I had to head South to shoot this footage.” Matarazzo told reporters. “The money was too good to turn this gig down, and even though I cannot vote until at least Stranger Things season 7 hits Netflix, I am a card carrying snowflake.”

The fifteen year old New Jersey native was hand selected by the Democratic National Committee after President Trump signed an executive order Wednesday that promises to keep far more families together at the border.

On location: One of the sets for Gaten Matarazzo’s video shoot today.

“That’s all the proof everyone needed.” the actor grinned. “The hoax videos are working! Even the dipshit President is starting to believe that there are actually camps where detained immigrant children sob at the reality of never seeing their parents ever again while being shouted at by border patrol agents in a strange language they don’t understand!”

The actor went on to explain his quick afternoon of filming.

“I’m arriving at the Arizona/Mexico border around lunch tomorrow, and shooting should be wrapped by dinner time. I’m an excellent cry-actor.” The Stranger Things star explained. “My friend Carlos will be joining me in the cage with those foil blanket things. We actually first worked together on the Sandy Hook shooting hoax footage that the Dems produced back in 2012. Carlos played a seven year old that had been shot to death, where I was leading role in the “crying in the parking lot with our teacher” aftermath scene. A lot of chemistry that day. I hope today is no different!”

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