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XXXtentacion’s Untimely Death Makes Him the 3rd Greatest Rapper of All Time

Miami FL (SN) – The untimely murder of rap artist XXXtentacion, (real name Jahseh Onfroy, 20) has vaulted him from relative obscurity into the echelon of the top 3 rappers that have ever lived. His daytime assassination was just what his career needed to get going after it was slowed by pesky criminal charges of strangulation and domestic violence, and the emergence of Lil Pump.

As he was killed at such a young age, XXXtenticion is now just behind Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.IG, aka Biggie Smalls, aka Christopher Wallace, on the list of greatest rappers of all time. Some may argue that there are about 400,000 better rappers alive today, the fact that he died so young vaults him into 3rd where he will be glorified for eternity. His sudden demise almost ensures that rich suburban white kids will pretend to know all of his lyrics for the next 25 to 30 years and beyond.

The two greatest rappers of all time.

Even though he made all his beats on Fruity Loops and hardly made a coherent thought, XXXtentacion had the right combination of facial tattoos and colored dreadlocks to make it in the Soundcloud rap game. With no promotion or musical production what-so-ever, XXXtentacion’s music was able to captivate an entire generation of fans as they completely ignored the fact that he beat up his pregnant girlfriend so bad that she went blind in one eye.

Police are currently looking for leads in the investigation of the homicide, but social media has tapped many likely suspects, such as Soldier Kidd, Soldier Jojo, and even Drake. (These names are not even made up.) The rap community anxiously awaits the murder of Tekashi 6ix9ine, who, once he is gunned down, should move into 4th place on the all-time greatest rapper list, just ahead of Lil Peep.

4 thoughts on “XXXtentacion’s Untimely Death Makes Him the 3rd Greatest Rapper of All Time”

      1. The fact that u have the nerve to say X is the greatest rapper ever just shows how fuckin dum you are , and that you a dick riding weirdo, x was barely a rapper, most of his songs he just talking over a beat about summoning demons and shit, but niggas wanna say he’s so inspirational and moving, and he’s such a good person😭😭stfu, he ain’t change no lives, only thing he did was change lives for the worse, he makes music videos of hanging 7 year old children, imitating suicide but apparently to all these dickriding kids that’s considered “art”…wtf, he Brutally beat his girlfriend , talked about killing ppl in his songs, brutally beat a guy in prison, threatened to do harm to his boys fam(ski mask), but apparently to all these dickriding emo 12 year olds he’s all about positivity, nigga foh with that bullshit😭😭fake ass kids think they his fan after he died, nigga wasn’t even known before he died, he was just known for his gay song asking niggas to look at him and fuck on him


  1. LMFAO, X is one of the greatest rappers among the cracked out face tatted fucktards, lmfao, never even put his name in the same sentence as biggie or Pac, that’s blasphemy… He’s not even better than Ice Cube🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😭😂


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