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Honest Abe’s Shocks Juneteenth Event Attendees By Hosting “John Wilkes” Booth

Lincoln NE (SN) – The anniversary of the end of the Civil War, freeing all slaves in the United States, is honored with citywide community engagement, live music, and more at Lincoln’s annual Juneteenth celebration.

The event over the weekend was no exception, as the Malone Community Center was overflowing with Lincoln families of all ages and ethnicities. While this long standing event has had it’s share of activities, activists, and entrepreneurs booths, a big stand out was the “John Wilkes” booth, cleverly set up by “Honest Abe’s Burgers & Freedom,” who catered the event.

“Just a hilarious play on words. I don’t know who came up with it but they are brilliant.” said one attendee. “I mean, I’m actually eating a hamburger with apples on it! Who comes up with this stuff?”

Die hard fans of the burger restaurant’s menu enjoyed the carnival games included in the booth.

Rest in Shit: Total dickbag John Wilkes Booth

“Abe’s Parmesan fries are the best in town.” stated Lincoln dental hygienist Martin Steembaugh. “And good god they taste even better after creaming that John Wilkes Booth target with a mustard gun. Take that, you scum! Sic semper tyrannis my ass!”

Steembaugh was quick to dismiss any notion that it may have been in bad taste for the burger vendor to do a play on words regarding the man that shot and killed President Abraham Lincoln on the same day as an event celebrating the freeing of the slaves.

“We all have a lot of fun around here. It’s for fun.” Martin shook his head. “I did overhear that the owner thought about it and is prepared to offer one of their signature “boozy shakes” to anyone that is upset about it, so consider me very offended.”

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