A Penny For Your Snoughts, Advice Column

Smell Nebraska Opening Submissions for Exclusive Advice Column

Opinions are like Nebraskans. Everybody has an opinion, and everybody from Nebraska is an asshole.

Smell Nebraska is disabling all firewalls on our hi-tech Gmail account, Facebook messenger, Twitter DMs, and Instagram private whatevers, so that you can confide in us to solve your day to day problems.

Do you seek advice on how to climb the ladder at Nelnet? Or climb into the bed of that bank teller at Wells Fargo with the “please fuck me” eyes? Do you seek the meaning of life? Your daily, smelly, horoscope? Are you trying to sell me an old lawnmower on the internet? In line…

Life stinks. Email Mr. Nose It All today at SmellNebraska@gmail.com with the subject line “HELP!” and we can help. You don’t have to believe us, but we promise we won’t publish your email address or real name, just whomever you decided to say you were. Just like we do, and the Russians.

“Seek advice from the Smell,
because oh they know so well…” – The Doors (Probably)

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