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Homeless Nook Outside Copper Kettle to Be Featured on MTV Cribs

Lincoln NE (SN) – With the sweltering heat casting over the city of Lincoln, the homeless population is already working hard to reserve the best shady area downtown to hibernate in.

No hobo crash spot compares to the shaded nook just West of the Copper Kettle Mule Bar & Eatery on 1320 O St. In fact MTV Music Television has recently signed an agreement with the Lincoln Downtown Association to shoot a new episode of their “MTV Cribs” show so the world can see.

MTV Cribs (also known as Cribs) is a documentary television program that originated on MTV and features tours of the houses and mansions of celebrities. MTV currently produces short-form episodes of the program and distributes it through Snapchat Discover.

Master P on MTV Cribs in 2000.

While MTV is reportedly “very excited” to shoot, the real anticipation drips in the sweaty sleeping bag of local vagrant Billy Stubson, who will be embarking on his fourth summer in the nook.

“Ey man, can you offer god bless ya hey shake my hand do you have a minute I’m not here to ask you for money I just have a story my man let me speak to you for a minute my man.” Stubson told reporters.

MTV aims to begin filming in the middle of August when the heat is really on, in hopes they may incidentally film enough heat stroke stricken vagrant drama to throw together a pilot for their “Real World: The Homeless” web extra series.

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