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Woman’s “I Woke up in Beastmode” Status Update Only Involved Getting to Work on Time

Lincoln NE (SN) – Friday morning was a big day for local woman Claire Bennett as she reportedly “Woke up in beast mode,” even though the only thing she accomplished was showing up to work on time.

The term, “Beastmode,” is usually reserved for describing the act of accomplishing many goals or objectives in a highly motivated frame of mind. At 8:15 Bennett posted as her Facebook status “I woke up in Beastmode!!!” Eyewitness reports dispute this claim that a Beastmode was present at all.

Bennett’s live-in boyfriend Craig Sadler takes issue with Bennett’s “Beastmode” claim. “I guess if hitting the snooze button twice and not taking a shower is Beastmode, then she was in Beastmode. Hah, if that is the case I’ve been in Beastmode for 4 months since I got laid off from my job at Wahoo’s Tacos. I get to sleep in until 2 in the afternoon everyday. Wake me up before that and I’ll show you the real Beastmode.

A stupid Beastmode graphic thing we found on the internet.

Bennet’s co-workers at Nelnet did notice a difference in Bennett’s demeanor however. Worker Andrea Thompson told reporters, “I guess she could have been in Beastmode. Usually she comes in about 10-15 minutes late with wet hair and looking haggard as hell. I suppose being on time and coming to work with a dry ponytail could be considered Beastmode, at least for Claire. I can’t believe she still works here, but it is Nelnet so we can’t be too picky.”

Bennett continued her morning spree of Beastmode by spending 45 minutes in the bathroom and later perusing LinConsign and posting “In line,” on multiple patio furniture sets that she has no intention of ever actually buying.

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