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Ideal Grocery Still Burned Down

Lincoln NE (SN) – One of the difficult responsibilities that accompany being the most reliable source of news in Nebraska is delivering the stories that hurt. We’ll just come out with it. We visited the location where Ideal Grocery burned down on May 19th, 2016, and it is still burned down.

The former local grocery titan, once located at 905 S. 27th St, just can’t seem to not be burned down and later demolished into a vacant lot.

Deep breaths. Remember the good times. | A more ideal Ideal Grocery.

“It is the darnedest thing!” cried local used car salesman Alan Nelson. “I take 27th street to and from work five days a week, so twice a day I have this crippling reminder that it is still gone! Why won’t it just reappear? I had such a great shopping experience there five times a long time ago! I’m so depressed.”

Depressed, and not the only depressed Lincolnite. Dozens of residents are still mourning the loss of their favorite local grocer. This is different from when Tastee Inn & Out or Knickerbockers permanently closed, because they warranted an opportunity to visit the business for the first time in seven and a half years to taste one last onion chip or 35 cent taco. It’s over Lincoln. Well it was over two years ago, but it’s still over. You heard it here first.



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