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Sean Flowerday Promises to Take Campaign Photos of Him Smiling If He Wins Tuesday’s Primary

Lincoln NE (SN) – Sean Flowerday, Democratic candidate for the District 1 County Commissioner seat, held a press conference Monday morning promising to end his negative campaign ads as Tuesday’s state primary election approaches.

“I’ve had a lot of comments from concerned constituents regarding my negative ads and promotional photos, namely my intimidating, soul-less glare.” Sean told Smell Nebraska reporters. “I’ve had a lot of people tell me they thought I was going to kick their ass someday. I promise that is not what the seat means to me.”

He went on to elaborate on his “Working Hard for Working People” campaign slogan.

Candidate for County Commissioner Sean Flowerday looking swole AF at the Toyland for Kids Fundraiser

“Being a hard working Union Democrat for hard working Lincolnites is serious business.” Flowerday added. “Serious business means an angry buff man in a plain black shirt and jeans, crossing his arms, and looking absolutely, seriously mean.”

No holds barred, at least until Tuesday’s Primary Election.

“I’ll try to look a little friendlier, I actually clean up very nice.” Sean frowned. “I am a happy person, I’m happy I am doing this interview, I’m elated to be running in this race. I just don’t smile so much.”

Flowerday also hinted that he may help build the groundwork for Lincoln to adopt “Flower Day” once elected, spreading happiness and beautiful plant life in the star city.

Sean Flowerday is unopposed in the Democratic primary this Tuesday, May 15th for District 1 on the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners. You can check out his Facebook page HERE.

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