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Jackass’ Steve-O Snubs Band Blét, Says Band Name Steals “Signature Gag Puke Noise”

Lincoln NE (SN) – An otherwise successful album release show at Duffy’s was temporarily derailed Saturday when actor and stunt performer Stephen Gilchrist Glover, better known by his stage name Steve-O, stormed on stage and had a melt down.

Yanking a microphone off of a mic stand and blocking supporting act Sleep Sinatra from beginning their set, the former Jackass star began lecturing members of the audience regarding the headlining band’s name.

“Suddenly Able to See in the Dark” | the new album by Lincoln band Blét.

“When I swallowed a live goldfish on National television and puked it back into the fishbowl, that was the first time any of you heard my signature “blét” noise. It took me years to hone my own scream puke noise and I am not leaving until justice has been served.” The MTV star shouted.

The Jackass celebrity then stripped naked and began attempting to shove one of Duffy’s “giant Jenga” pieces up his butt, before being carried out by the bar’s strong arm bartender James Hasselbalch.

Despite the hiccup, Sleep Sinatra rocked the house and the momentum continued throughout the evening, coming to a close with an excellent showcase of music from Blét.

Blét’s new 10 song album “Suddenly Able to See in the Dark” kicks ass and can be found HERE.

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